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The Sweet Truth: Store-Bought Honey vs. Raw Honey

By: Erika Nomeland


Honey, nature’s golden elixir, has been cherished for centuries for its delightful taste and numerous health benefits. However, not all honey is created equal. In today’s market, you’ll find a stark contrast between store-bought honey and raw honey. What sets them apart, and how can you distinguish between the two? Let’s uncover the sweet truth.

Store-Bought Honey:

  • Processing: Store-bought honey typically undergoes a significant amount of processing. It is often heated, filtered, and pasteurized to improve shelf life and achieve a consistent texture. This high-temperature processing can strip honey of some of its natural nutrients and enzymes.

  • Texture: You’ll notice that store-bought honey has a clear and smooth appearance. It remains liquid for longer periods and doesn’t crystallize as quickly as raw honey.

  • Transparency: Manufacturers often blend honey from various sources to create a uniform product. This blending can make it challenging to trace the origin of store-bought honey.

  • Additives: In some cases, store-bought honey may be adulterated with additives like corn syrup or other sweeteners. These additions are used to increase volume and reduce production costs but can dilute the honey’s purity.


Raw Honey:

  • Processing: Raw honey, on the other hand, undergoes minimal processing. It is usually only strained to remove large particles like beeswax and pollen. The absence of high-temperature pasteurization and filtration helps retain honey’s natural enzymes, antioxidants, and beneficial microorganisms.

  • Texture: Raw honey has a more textured, cloudy appearance. It may also crystallize over time, forming small sugar crystals. This is a natural process and doesn’t indicate spoilage.

  • Flavor and Aroma: Raw honey often boasts a more complex flavor profile and retains the unique characteristics of the flowers from which the bees collected nectar. It can vary significantly in taste and aroma based on its floral source.


How to Tell the Difference:

  • Check the Label: Examine the product label. “Raw” honey should explicitly mention that it is raw and unprocessed. Store-bought honey may simply be labeled as “honey.”

  • Texture: Observe the texture. Raw honey tends to be thicker and less clear, while store-bought honey is typically smoother and more translucent.

  • Crystallization: Crystallization is a natural process in honey. If the honey has crystallized, it’s a good sign that it’s raw or minimally processed.

  • Source: If possible, inquire about the honey’s source and production methods. Local beekeepers or farmers’ markets are excellent places to find raw honey.

  • Test it out: Raw Honey normally has less water content than store bought honey. It should never freeze, while store bought honey cut with sweeteners can.


Why Choose Raw Honey:

  • Nutrient Retention: Raw honey retains more of its natural nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants, making it a healthier choice.
  • Distinct Flavor: Raw honey offers a more diverse and unique flavor profile, making it an excellent addition to culinary creations.
  • Allergy Benefits: Some people believe that consuming raw, local honey may help alleviate seasonal allergies.


That Beetch’s Commitment to Raw Honey:

At That Beetch, we believe in the power of raw honey for skincare. We use only locally sourced raw honey in our formulas to ensure that the skin benefits from the antioxidants and enzymes preserved in this natural treasure. When you choose That Beetch skincare, you’re choosing the pure essence of honey’s goodness to nourish and protect your skin.


While both store-bought honey and raw honey have their merits, raw honey stands out for its unaltered, nutrient-rich qualities and diverse flavors. The next time you reach for a jar of honey, consider opting for raw honey to savor the true essence of this golden gift from the bees. Whether drizzled on toast or stirred into tea, raw honey brings a touch of nature’s magic to your table and your skincare routine. Be mindful of labels and avoid honey that may be diluted with additives, such as corn syrup, to enjoy honey’s full benefits.

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