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The Queen's Regimen

Anti-Aging Kit


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Looking for the royal treatment? This kit comes with four of our most potent products. It provides the perfect routine day and night to defy aging and keep your skin supple and matte. Featuring our Busy Beetch Day Cream, Resting Beetch Face Night Cream, Beetox Wrinkle Serum, and Seeing is Beelieving Eye Cream. You’re going to look and feel amazing. Watch your skin transform to reveal a healthier, more youthful glow. All hail the Queen!

Explore the Ingredients

Oat milk is an ideal ingredient for a gentle and potent eye cream. It is a great antioxidant, repairing the skin from daily wear and tear and other external attacks such as UV radiation or pollution. It keeps your skin glowing by reducing pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Oat Milk


Reishi is known as “the mushroom of immortality,” and while it won’t make you live forever, it effectively reduces puffiness, fine lines, and promotes cell regeneration for youthful radiance.

We love love love this one! Pomegranate seed oil boosts collagen production, enhances skin elasticity, promotes the reversal of skin damage, and leaves lasting moisture without leaving a greasy residue or clogging pores.



Bakuchiol is the next wonder of the world. Why is that? It’s thought to work through the same receptors that retinol uses, which is why it’s sometimes called a natural retinol alternative. Studies have shown it is just as effective as retinol without the redness. Retinol is so last year!

Where to start? Bananas are amazing. Sadly, when it comes to nutrition, skin is the last organ to get the goodies so we incorporated a rich banana extract to deliver it right where it’s needed. Bananas make the skin softer, hydrated, and overtime will make your skin more supple. This is a super fruit ready for a resurrection! Fun fact, bees attack pheromones are similar to bananas, but we use it to attack signs of aging.


Hemp Oil

Hemp oil has fabulous properties when applied to the skin. It rejuvenates tight dry itchy skin, preventsflakiness, and moisturizes without clogging pores. Best of all, it enhances the benefits of our prebiotic inulin to restore the skin barrier and retain moisture for healthy hydrated skin when you wake up. To think, we’ve only been using the other half of the plant this whole time.

Propolis smoothes out wrinkles, neutralizes damage caused by free radicals and pollution, and supports skin healing. It’s one of nature’s most potent actives uniquely created by bees to protect their hive against everything from bad bacteria to UV damage. Goodbye inflammation!



Turmeric is potent with amazing benefits all around. Not only does it even skin tone and reduce dark circles on those hazy mornings, it prevents premature aging and protects against environmental damage. Oh and that fabulous silky matte finish can’t be ignored. It’s getting spicy in here!

Chamomile flowers contain elements called flavonoids which help reduce redness and itchiness of the skin, but that’s not all. It’s used as a conditioning agent to help restore suppleness and reduce the appearance of dry and flaky skin. All that in a tiny white flower bees love to forage.



Our prebiotic, plant-derived-inulin, rebalances the skin’s microbiome and stops signs of premature aging before they even show creating your unique environment for healthy radiant skin.

Honey moisturizes the skin and adds a natural glow. It effectively reduces signs of aging and brightens the complexion. From what we hear, honey never ages, and neither will you.


About That Beetch

We have attitude, we are playful, but we sure as hell aren’t cutting any corners. These products have high levels of powerful active ingredients, designed to give you the best skin possible from a jar. This isn’t your mother’s coldcream, this stuff works.

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