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Resting Beetch Face

Anti-aging Night Cream


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Embrace your Resting Beetch Face? Yasss girl! Our powerful night cream infused with our potent Royal Threesome Blend and skin reviving hemp oil and chamomile extracts will do all the work while you sleep. Relax queen, we’ve got you. This miraculous blend will rebalance your skin and brighten it night after night giving you a skin feel your younger self would envy. Hemp deeply moisturizes without clogging pores while regulating oil production overnight. One less thing to worry about! Chamomile is the perfect partner to hemp and soothes the skin from the day’s aggressions. This rich buttery formula has all the strength, but without the greasy finish. Time to get that Bee-auty rest!

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Resting Beetch Face is the best night cream I’ve ever used! Typically, I have issues with the texture of night creams because they are greasy and don’t last through the night. I have loved this one from day one. My skin looks amazing and feels revitalized in the morning. I’ve been using this for over 6 months now and I haven’t had any breakout outs or dry patches since. I love this stuff!

8 months ago

Explore the Ingredients

Chamomile flowers contain elements called flavonoids which help reduce redness and itchiness of the skin, but that’s not all. It’s used as a conditioning agent to help restore suppleness and reduce the appearance of dry and flaky skin. All that in a tiny white flower bees love to forage.


Hemp Oil

Hemp oil has fabulous properties when applied to the skin. It rejuvenates tight dry itchy skin, preventsflakiness, and moisturizes without clogging pores. Best of all, it enhances the benefits of our prebiotic inulin to restore the skin barrier and retain moisture for healthy hydrated skin when you wake up. To think, we’ve only been using the other half of the plant this whole time.

Propolis smoothes out wrinkles, neutralizes damage caused by free radicals and pollution, and supports skin healing. It’s one of nature’s most potent actives uniquely created by bees to protect their hive against everything from bad bacteria to UV damage. Goodbye inflammation!



Honey moisturizes the skin and adds a natural glow. It effectively reduces signs of aging and brightens the complexion. From what we hear, honey never ages, and neither will you.

Our prebiotic, plant-derived-inulin, rebalances the skin’s microbiome and stops signs of premature aging before they even show creating your unique environment for healthy radiant skin.


About That Beetch

We have attitude, we are playful, but we sure as hell aren’t cutting any corners. These products have high levels of powerful active ingredients, designed to give you the best skin possible from a jar. This isn’t your mother’s coldcream, this stuff works.

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