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Busy Beetch

Anti-aging Day Cream


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Beetch you’re too busy for a lengthy face ritual! Let our Busy Beetch day cream with our miraculous Royal Threesome blend and skin perfecting banana and turmeric extracts make it look like you have people to do that for you. Each ingredient is here to do a job. Bananas make the skin softer and more supple and turmeric is a super potent ingredient with amazing benefits all around. Not only does it even skin tone and reduce dark circles on those hazy mornings, it prevents premature aging and protects against environmental damage. Time to slay the day away!

Featured Reviews

Bethany W.

Crushed hard and am still in awe of this product… I love the smell, the feel, the ingredients, and most importantly, the freakin results. I consider myself very picky and boujee with my face-care products… I am almost 37- I need magic happening for my face! I wanted to move away from retinoids, harsh chemicals & over-priced products (they work, but they’re bad for me!) …so I really cared about sourcing my ingredients with this product. I am blown away!! My skin has never been more happy, healthy, youthful, hydrated and wrinkle-free. This product feels gentle, I know I’m contributing to my health and not detracting from it, and I feel like a queen, as advertised. Love the look and smell as well, and that matters to me, too. Highly and enthusiastically recommend!!

5 months ago

I’m very happy with this daily face cream. I’ve been using it for about a month. It smells delicious. It goes on smooth and fades right in. I love how my skin looks and feels.

6 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

As someone with skin that can’t seem to make up its mind in being oily, dry, sensitive or everything in between, I have found the solution! Don’t hesitate on this one- it’s AMAZING. You’ll be a lifelong customer- I sure am!

8 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

Love how it makes my skin feel! A little goes a long way so the value is fantastic. And lastly, while fragrance is not the most important aspect of a face cream, this one is OUTSTANDING.

8 months ago

As a single mom who worked full time as a special education teacher I never took the time for a skin care regime. Cheap moisturizer and sun screen was my go to. Unfortunately, my old face shows that neglect with age spots and DULL skin. As a fan of natural ingredients- I decided to treat myself to this product. The packaging was delightful but the results are nothing short of miraculous. My skin is no longer dull, fine lines are disappearing and age spots are fading. All this and the most incredible scent ever. I may be a seasoned 65 years old …. But I now have a skin care regime!

8 months ago

Explore the Ingredients

Where to start? Bananas are amazing. Sadly, when it comes to nutrition, skin is the last organ to get the goodies so we incorporated a rich banana extract to deliver it right where it’s needed. Bananas make the skin softer, hydrated, and overtime will make your skin more supple. This is a super fruit ready for a resurrection! Fun fact, bees attack pheromones are similar to bananas, but we use it to attack signs of aging.



Turmeric is potent with amazing benefits all around. Not only does it even skin tone and reduce dark circles on those hazy mornings, it prevents premature aging and protects against environmental damage. Oh and that fabulous silky matte finish can’t be ignored. It’s getting spicy in here!

Propolis smoothes out wrinkles, neutralizes damage caused by free radicals and pollution, and supports skin healing. It’s one of nature’s most potent actives uniquely created by bees to protect their hive against everything from bad bacteria to UV damage. Goodbye inflammation!



Honey moisturizes the skin and adds a natural glow. It effectively reduces signs of aging and brightens the complexion. From what we hear, honey never ages, and neither will you.

Our prebiotic, plant-derived-inulin, rebalances the skin’s microbiome and stops signs of premature aging before they even show creating your unique environment for healthy radiant skin.


About That Beetch

We have attitude, we are playful, but we sure as hell aren’t cutting any corners. These products have high levels of powerful active ingredients, designed to give you the best skin possible from a jar. This isn’t your mother’s coldcream, this stuff works.

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