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Buzzing in the Dark: What Honeybees Do During a Total Eclipse

By: Erika Nomeland


The celestial phenomenon of a total solar eclipse is a rare and awe-inspiring event that captivates observers around the world. As the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, casting a shadow across the land, the natural world responds in intriguing ways. Among the myriad creatures affected by this cosmic spectacle are honeybees, whose behavior during a total eclipse has long intrigued scientists and bee enthusiasts alike. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of honeybees and explore what they do during a total eclipse.

The Hive in Darkness:

As the moon’s shadow envelops the landscape during a total eclipse, the sudden darkness triggers a remarkable response within honeybee colonies. Inside the hive, where activity is typically driven by the cycle of light and darkness, bees navigate the sudden shift to darkness with surprising agility. While the abrupt change in lighting conditions may initially disrupt foraging activity and orientation flights, honeybees quickly adapt to the temporary darkness using their other senses, such as touch and smell, to navigate their surroundings.

Behavioral Changes:

During a total eclipse, honeybee colonies exhibit several notable behavioral changes in response to the altered lighting conditions. For example, worker bees may temporarily cease foraging flights and remain within the hive until daylight returns, conserving energy and minimizing risk during the period of darkness. Additionally, queen bees may reduce their egg-laying activity during an eclipse, as the sudden darkness disrupts the hive’s internal clock and cues for reproductive behavior.

Communication in the Dark:

Communication is essential for maintaining cohesion and coordination within a honeybee colony, even during periods of darkness. To compensate for the lack of visual cues, bees rely on other forms of communication, such as pheromones and vibrations, to convey information and coordinate activities. Inside the hive, bees communicate through intricate dances and chemical signals, allowing them to convey information about food sources, nest locations, and other vital aspects of colony life.

Impact on Foraging Behavior:

Total eclipses can have a profound impact on honeybee foraging behavior, disrupting the typical rhythms of activity and influencing the timing and duration of foraging flights. As the eclipse progresses and darkness falls across the landscape, bees may exhibit reduced foraging activity or alter their flight paths to compensate for the diminished light. However, once daylight begins to return, bees quickly resume their foraging efforts, taking advantage of the renewed sunlight to replenish the hive’s food stores.

Scientific Research:

While anecdotal observations of honeybee behavior during total eclipses abound, scientific studies have provided valuable insights into the physiological and behavioral responses of bees to changes in light conditions. Researchers have used techniques such as video monitoring, behavioral observation, and sound and pheromone analysis to study how honeybees perceive and respond to eclipses, shedding light on the complex interplay between environmental stimuli and bee behavior.


In conclusion, the behavior of honeybees during a total eclipse offers a fascinating glimpse into the adaptive capabilities of these remarkable insects. As the world plunges into darkness during this celestial event, honeybee colonies respond with resilience and resourcefulness, adjusting their behavior to cope with the temporary absence of light. By studying honeybee behavior during total eclipses, scientists gain valuable insights into the intricate workings of these vital pollinators and their ability to thrive in diverse and challenging environments.

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